The Brandhill Africa™ is a Business Excellence Award 2022 (bestowed upon it by the US-based World Confederation of Business) and the Brand Leadership Award 2021 (from the World Branding Congress) winning group constituted by six subsidiary companies – namely,  Brandhill Africa (Pty) Ltd (CIPC registration number: 2016/200012/07); Brandhill Africa Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd (2021/322005/07); Brandhill Africa Media Holdings (2021/378133/07); Brandhill Africa Institute (Pty) Ltd (2021/373865/07); Brandhill Africa Entertainment Holdings (Pty) Ltd (2022/431598/07); and the Brandhill Africa Foundation NPC (2018/278829/08). It is a pan-African competitive identity and public diplomacy group specialising in brand management (destination marketing; trade facilitation and investment promotion), economic diplomacy and cultural industries development. This BBBEE Level 1 contributor manages the reputations of locations (corporates/ products/ districts/ towns/ cities/ regions/ provinces/ countries/ and the African continent). The group also administers the last subsidiary company which is a not-for-profit corporate social investment (CSI) vehicle.



Click on this link to watch the video recording of the award acceptance speech.

Brandhill Africa is more than just a group, it’s a dynamic force driving innovation and transformation across Africa and beyond.


To be the catalyst for sustainable excellence in empowering African brands to thrive in an ever-evolving and highly competitive globally-connected world.


Brandhill Africa is dedicated to driving positive change through innovative strategies, expert guidance, and tailored solutions. We partner with organisations to foster growth, enhance performance, and cultivate lasting success. Our mission is to empower our clients to navigate complexity with confidence, leveraging the power of research, innovation, and re-engineering to achieve their highest potential.


  1. Excellence in Service Delivery: Continuously enhance the quality of our services.
  2. Thought Leadership and Innovation: Position Brandhill Africa as a thought leader in our areas of expertise.
  3. Client Success and Satisfaction: Ensure the success and satisfaction of our clients.
  4. Global Expansion and Impact: Expand our reach and impact on a global scale.
  5. Sustainable Practices: Embed sustainability in our operations and client solutions.
  6. Team Development and Well-being: Foster a culture of continuous learning and well-being among our team members.
  7. Client-Centric Solutions: Deliver tailored solutions that align with client objectives.
  8. Financial Stability and Growth: Achieve financial stability and sustainable growth.
  9. Technology and Digital Transformation: Embrace digital transformation and technology-driven solutions.
  10. Ethical and Inclusive Practices: Uphold ethical standards and foster inclusivity.

These strategic objectives guide Brandhill Africa in achieving its vision and fulfilling its mission. By focusing on excellence, innovation, client success, global impact, sustainability, and ethical practices, Brandhill Africa aims to be a trusted partner in driving positive change and sustainable excellence for organisations worldwide.


  • We BRAND products / institutions/ companies / individuals (by conducting market research; undertaking organisational development – developing processes & systems, developing corporate strategies and building teams; developing & implementing brand strategies)
  • We OPEN GLOBAL MARKET ACCESS for these brands (e.g. exporting)
  • We RE/ENGINEER THE REPUTATION of brands (products / companies/ countries/ individuals) that have gone through turbulent times
  • We BRAND POSITION city regions / countries as viable destinations for tourism and investments.

And through the Brandhill Africa Foundation NPC:

  • We EMPOWER vulnerable groups (we, inter alia, mainstream issues affecting persons with disabilities).



Brandhill Africa™ offers a comprehensive bouquet of services and deliverables that are tailored to its core focus areas of brand management, economic diplomacy, and cultural industries development. These services and deliverables are designed to provide clients with innovative solutions, strategic insights, and tangible results. Here’s an outline of the key offerings:

  • Brand Management Services:

a. Brand Strategy Development:

– Market research and analysis.

– Brand positioning and differentiation.

– Brand architecture and portfolio management.

b. Brand Identity and Design:

– Logo design and branding elements.

– Visual identity development.

– Brand style guidelines.

c. Brand Communication:

– Content strategy and creation.

– Marketing and advertising campaigns.

– Digital and social media management.

d. Brand Monitoring and Analysis:

– Reputation management.

– Performance tracking and reporting.

– Competitor analysis.

2. Organisational Development Services:

– Strategic Planning and Alignment:

– Leadership Development:

– Development of change management strategies.

– Culture Transformation

– Team Building and Collaboration:

– Employee Engagement and Well-being.

3. Economic Diplomacy Services:

a. Trade Facilitation:

– Market entry strategies.

– International trade agreements and negotiations.

– Export and import advisory.

b. Diplomatic Relations Building:

– Bilateral and multilateral diplomacy.

– Government relations and lobbying.

– Public-private partnerships.

c. Investment Promotion:

– Investment destination marketing.

– Investment facilitation and advisory.

– Investor relations management.

d. Policy Advocacy:

– Policy analysis and recommendations.

– Regulatory compliance guidance.

– Economic policy research.

4. Cultural Industries Development Services:

a. Cultural Strategy and Planning:

– Cultural development strategies.

– Arts and culture event planning.

– Cultural heritage preservation.

b. Creative Industries Support:

– Support for artists and creatives.

– Arts funding and grants management.

– Creative industries incubation.

c. Cultural Exchange Programs:

– International cultural exchange initiatives.

– Collaborative projects and partnerships.

– Cultural diplomacy initiatives.

d. Cultural Marketing and Promotion:

– Cultural branding and promotion.

– Cultural tourism development.

– Cultural content production.

5. Common Deliverables Across Services:

1. Strategic Plans: Comprehensive strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs, including actionable recommendations and timelines.

2. Reports and Analysis: In-depth market research, policy analysis, and performance reports to guide decision-making.

3. Creative Assets: Design and creative assets such as logos, marketing materials, and digital content.

4. Event Management: Planning and execution of events, conferences, and cultural festivals.

5. Public Relations: Media relations, press releases, and crisis management when needed.

6. Training and Capacity Building: Workshops, seminars, and training programs for clients and stakeholders.

In short, our tangible deliverables for you as client are trade and investment promotion strategies; mobilisation of funding for infrastructure development; speeches; media statements; presentations; opinion articles; research papers; magazines/ journals/ books; websites; customised databases; events (meetings/ seminars/ conferences); and, promotional videos/films.

Brandhill Africa™ has signed Strategic Partnership Agreements with Africa Uncut Ltd UK and Islaverde UK Ltd to source costed and bankable capital and infrastructure development projects across Africa from both the public, private and civil society sectors that require international funding. The projects envisaged include infrastructure developments to drive multi-sectoral economic growth; provision of quality social (and community development) services such as education, health and integrated human settlements.

Brandhill Africa’s bouquet of services and deliverables is designed to empower clients to enhance their brands, navigate international relations, and foster cultural growth and development. Each service is customised to address specific client objectives and challenges, resulting in impactful and sustainable outcomes.

Here are some of the initiatives:

  1. Jambo Africa Online: It’s a “Made in Africa” digital publication that helps to commercialise intellectual properties (IPs) developed and owned by African innovators from across the continent. It also produces an annual guide to the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA).
  2. Biashara Services and Products Africa (BiSPA) Conference and Exhibition: This aims to position businesses to usurp opportunities accruing from the implementation of the AfCFTA.
  3. Africa IPA CEO Forum: A mechanism for structured engagements between the CEOs of investment promotion agencies and organised business across the continent.
  4. Publishing Programme: Spearhead independent publishing effort that will disrupt the market.


Brandhill Africa is the catalyst for transformation, where research meets innovation, and re-engineering drives progress. We are your partners in shaping a brighter future.

Research: At the heart of our approach lies meticulous research. We delve deep into market dynamics, cultural nuances, and economic trends to unearth valuable insights. We believe that informed decisions are the bedrock of success.

Innovate: Innovation is our compass. We continuously seek creative solutions, pushing boundaries to drive growth and create lasting impact. We believe in the power of ingenuity to transform industries.

Re/engineer: We are change-makers. We take existing paradigms and re-engineer them for the better. Whether it’s reshaping brand strategies, diplomatic relations, or cultural initiatives, we thrive on catalysing transformation.

Brandhill Africa stands as a beacon of change in brand management, economic diplomacy and cultural industries development. Our commitment to research, innovation, and re-engineering sets us apart, empowering our clients to achieve unparalleled success. We’re not just a group; we’re a driving force for transformation.


We employ a mix of intelligent, skilled, generally formally educated people, all of whom have capacity to grow. We attempt to always deliver in terms of rewards, salary, stimulus, a stake in the company’s performance and recognition for their efforts. We expect complete commitment to a quality solution for clients and to the goals and performance of the company – expect all of our people to “push” the company and management with energy and persuasiveness. In return, we strive to meet our employees’ career aspirations.

These ethos are encapsulated in our tagline: “Research. Innovate. Re/engineer.”


The visual identity of Brandhill Africa – which includes a map of Africa, a hill, the descriptor “BRANDHILL AFRICA,” and an earthy brown and black colour palette – conveys a strong and meaningful brand message. Here’s a breakdown of the elements and their significance:

  1. Map of Africa: The inclusion of a map of Africa is a powerful symbol of the brand’s geographical focus and expertise. It immediately communicates that Brandhill Africa specialises in matters related to the African continent. This element reflects the brand’s commitment to understanding and working within the African context, making it relatable and trustworthy for clients and stakeholders across the continent.
  2. Hill: The image of a hill is a clever visual metaphor that ties directly into the brand’s name, “Brandhill Africa.” It symbolises ascent, growth, and achievement. Just as climbing a hill requires effort and determination, Brandhill Africa conveys its dedication to helping clients ascend in their respective fields, whether it be in brand management, economic diplomacy, or cultural industries development.
  3. Descriptor “BRANDHILL AFRICA”: The inclusion of the brand’s name in uppercase letters, “BRANDHILL AFRICA,” underscores the clarity and prominence of the brand. It reinforces the brand’s commitment to Africa and its role as a driving force for positive change on the continent.
  4. Golden Yellow and Black Colour Palette: The choice of earthy brown and black as the primary colours in the visual identity is significant for several reasons:

Golden yellow: The use of golden yellow plays a significant role in conveying a range of important brand attributes and messages such as the following:

  • Positivity and Optimism: Golden yellow is often associated with positivity and optimism. It radiates a sense of warmth and brightness that can uplift the mood and create a favourable impression. In the context of Brandhill Africa, this colour choice suggests the brand’s positive outlook on its ability to drive positive change and empower its clients to succeed.
  • Energy and Vitality: Golden yellow is a lively and energetic colour. It can symbolise the dynamic and proactive nature of Brandhill Africa’s services. The colour suggests that the group is full of vigour and vitality, ready to take on challenges and create meaningful transformations.
  • Intellectual Excellence: Yellow is also linked to intellectualism and wisdom. It represents a thoughtful and analytical approach to problem-solving. For Brandhill Africa, the use of golden yellow implies that the group’s solutions are not only creative but also grounded in deep research and expertise.
  • Warmth and Approachability: This shade of yellow exudes warmth and approachability. It can make clients and partners feel welcomed and comfortable when engaging with Brandhill Africa. It implies that the organization is accessible, open to collaboration, and eager to build positive relationships.
  • Gold Standard: The word “gold” in golden yellow alludes to the idea of excellence and the pursuit of the gold standard in service delivery. It conveys the message that Brandhill Africa aims for the highest quality in everything it does and strives to be a leader in its field.
  • Distinctiveness: Golden yellow is a distinctive colour choice in branding. It sets Brandhill Africa apart from competitors who may use more common colours. It helps the brand stand out and be easily recognisable in the marketplace.
  • Cultural Significance: Yellow can hold cultural significance in many African contexts. It is often associated with prosperity, wealth, and celebration. By incorporating golden yellow, Brandhill Africa also aims to resonate with these positive cultural connotations.

Black: Black symbolises sophistication, professionalism, and elegance. It represents the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality services and innovative solutions. Black also adds a sense of gravitas and authority to the brand’s image.

The combination of earthy brown and black creates a harmonious and balanced visual identity. It conveys a sense of trust, expertise, and professionalism while also hinting at the brand’s grounding in African soil.

In summary, the use of golden yellow in Brandhill Africa’s visual identity is a strategic choice that communicates positivity, energy, intellect, approachability, excellence, distinctiveness, and cultural resonance. It helps the brand convey its mission of empowering organisations/corporates/institutions to thrive and drive positive change effectively.


The company’s payoff line is “RESEARCH. INNOVATE. RE\ENGINEER”. This three-fold approach defines our commitment to redefining the landscape of brand management, economic diplomacy and cultural industries development.

We are in the business of knowledge production, packaging and distribution as latest developments indicate unequivocally that content development is the new gold.


Business Leaders: Seeking to elevate their brands and expand their market reach, locally and internationally.

Government and Diplomatic Corps: Looking to enhance diplomatic relations, economic partnerships, and international influence.

Cultural Institutions: Focused on promoting and preserving cultural heritage, arts, and creative industries.

Investors and Innovators: Interested in groundbreaking opportunities and solutions across diverse sectors.

At Brandhill Africa™, we promise to be their steadfast partner in navigating the complexities of an ever-evolving world. Our commitment is to empower them with innovative strategies, expert guidance and tailored solutions. We pledge to foster their growth, enhance their performance and cultivate lasting success. Our promise is to empower them to thrive, leveraging the power of research, innovation, and re-engineering to help them achieve their highest potential. Their success is our relentless pursuit, and your journey to excellence is our shared vision.


Multidisciplinary Expertise: We offer a unique blend of expertise in brand management, economic diplomacy, and cultural industries. Our diverse knowledge base allows us to craft holistic solutions.

Pan-African Insight, Global Impact: Rooted in Africa, we have a global perspective. We leverage local insights to create strategies that resonate worldwide, fostering economic growth and cultural exchange.

Results-Driven Approach: We don’t stop at theory. Our commitment to tangible outcomes sets us apart. We measure our success by the transformative impact we bring to brands, diplomatic relations, and cultural initiatives.


Brandhill Africa empowers its clients to navigate the complex world of brand management, forge stronger economic ties and foster vibrant cultural industries. We don’t just adapt; we pioneer change.

We are unashamedly inspired by the “Africa Rising” narrative – as eloquently communicated by The Economist – and as such all our creatives are grounded in a post-modernist African “transvergent” cultural landscape.

In line with this assertion, our creatives are consciously making a strategic break from the colonial “Jungle of Africa” conceptualisation to presenting the Africa journey to becoming a future economic powerhouse of the world. Not undermining the role that wildlife still plays in our destination marketing effort, we believe we have to adopt a strategic distance of all communications that feed into the naive myth of Africa being one big jungle in which Tarzan and wild animals freely roam our streets.

It is for these reasons that our creatives showcase our world class sophisticated infrastructure – rail, road and air; skyscrapers; industrial infrastructure development; and above all else, showcase our ICT infrastructure development initiatives which testify our readiness as a continent in advancing the Fourth Industrial Revolution – 4IR.

According to UNECA, AfCFTA promises to unlock intra-Africa trade to grow by 52% by 2022. 

In 2015 WTO provided a comparative analysis of intra-regional trade as follows:

  • intra-Africa trade at 18%;
  • intra-Asian trade at 52%;
  • intra-North American trade at 50%; 
  • intra-EU trade at 70%;
  • SADC share of intra-Africa trade – 55%;
  • SACU share of intra-Africa trade – 43%

It is disheartening that Africa’s share of world trade is estimated to be a paltry 3%. This proves that Africa needs to do more to expedite market integration.

South Africa is the largest contributor to intra-Africa trade, accounting for over 24.9% percent of intra-Africa trade, with its trade with the rest of the continent increasing by 8.6% to US$31.92 billion (R478.8 billion) in 2017.

The top African FDI destinations in 2017 were Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe – yes, Zimbabwe!

Creation of a single market for goods and services in Africa is intended to achieve the following strategic objectives: 

Expedite continental integration and enhance intra-Africa trade and investment.

Industrial development in the AfCFTA. The AfCFTA will establish a single rule book for trade and investment in Africa.

The “Africa Rising” narrative has to communicate and celebrate these economic milestones in the history of the African continent.


Stakeholder management is the art and science of project management of every project we undertake is conceived as the process of assessing a system and potential changes to it as they relate to relevant and interested parties, clients and customers – we can’t emphasise enough especially the media. The information gathered will be used to assess how the interests of those stakeholders should be addressed in a project plan, policy, program, or other action. 

Stakeholder analysis is a key part of stakeholder management. A stakeholder analysis of an issue consists of weighing and balancing all of the competing demands on a firm by each of those who have a claim on it, in order to arrive at the firm’s obligation in a particular case. A stakeholder analysis does not preclude the interests of the stakeholders overriding the interests of the other stakeholders affected, but it ensures that all affected will be considered.

We undertake a stakeholder analysis which is frequently used during the preparation phase of each project to assess the attitudes of the stakeholders (particularly the mainstream media and the general public) regarding their potential perceptions of the programme. Stakeholder analysis will be conducted continuously to track changes in stakeholder attitudes over time. 

Ultimately, the success of every project will be adjudged on its ability and capacity to build or enhance the brand equities of our partners.


Brandhill Africa™ has forged the following partnerships:

  • We have structured partnership agreement with UNISA Enterprises (Pty) Ltd and Enterprises UP (Pty) Ltd (University of Pretoria) – these are revenue generation entities of the two universities. This gives Brandhill Africa group access to the research capacity and resources of these two academic institutions.
  • We are a Supporting Partner to the African Agri Council – an organisation with members in the agriculture and agro-processing industry from South Africa and other African states.
  • It is an Associate Member of the World Free Zones Organisation (World FZO) – a Dubai-headquartered organisation which is a mother body to special economic zones from across the world.
  • It is a Strategic Partner to Proudly South African (Proudly SA).
  • We strategic partnership with Farmers Connect Africa – which has emerging farmers from across the continent.


Saul Molobi (FCIM)

Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: the Brandhill Africa™ group 


Saul Molobi is a GLOBAL SPEAKER, AUTHOR, BUSINESS PUBLISHER, BROADCASTER, CONSULTANT AND EXPERT COMMENTATOR on brand Africa, diplomacy and cultural industries. He is the founding Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Brandhill Africa™ group. Other companies in the Group are Brandhill Africa Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Brandhill Africa Institute (Pty) Ltd, Brandhill Africa Media Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Brandhill Africa Entertainment Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Brandhill Africa Foundation NPC. The last one is a not-for-profit CIPC-registered company that drives the Group’s corporate social investment (CSI) programmes and project manages CSI programmes of other corporate companies effectively, cost-efficiently and sustainably.

He is touted by many as one of the foremost marketing thought leaders on competitive identity and public diplomacy with vast experience in international business (specialising in global marketing with focus on destination marketing, trade and investment promotion); diplomacy (specialising in economic and public diplomacies); and development of sustainable cultural industries. He is also a published author, filmmaker and a theatre practitioner.

He is a Fellow of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM); a member of the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) – an affiliate of the African Confederation of Marketing (ACM); and also a member of the Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA).

In 2022 and 2020 he was nominated as the “World CEO of the Year” by the US-based the World CEO Rankings which in 2022 ranked him as number 16 out of 620 nominees world-wide – making him the second highest ranked in Africa.

Although he grew up in a rural village, New Eersterus in Hammanskraal, that didn’t have a high school, he still valued education and today he holds several university qualifications: BA from University of Limpopo; BA (Honours) and Master of Arts in Dramatic Art from the University of the Witwatersrand; a Post-Graduate Diploma from the IMM Graduate School of Marketing; and an MSc in Global Marketing from the University of Liverpool. 

His academic research areas included the impact of the 2010 FIFA World Cup 2010 on the brand equity of Polokwane as a host city; how a country’s competitive identity impact on investor decision making; and currently on brand Africa’s impact on foreign consumer decision making – he uses the South African non-fortified wine exports as his case study and he intends developing a brand management framework for Africa (based on Africa integrating into a free trade area through the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement that became operationalised from 1 January 2021).

He has also received vocational training in public diplomacy and international relations at the University of Southern California, the Netherlands’ Institute of International Relations (Clingendal) and Diplo Foundation (Swiss/Malta governments’ initiative).

He is also a former diplomat having worked as the South African Consul-General in Milan from 1 April 2012 to 30 June 2016. During his tenure, he also served as South Africa’s Commissioner to the national pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale and the alternating Venice Architecture Biennale.

The Foreword to his latest book, “De/constructing brand Africa: A Practitioner’s Perspective“, was written by H.E. Mr Wamkele Mene, Secretary-General of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). The book looks at how Africa and her countries could be brand positioned as viable destinations for tourism and investment while at the same time how to promote “Made in Africa” service and product brands for effective market penetration. One chapter in the book looks at how he used the Nelson Mandela iconoclasm as a strategic public diplomacy imperative in communicating South Africa’s foreign policy (he fundraised from the private sector to mount a mural in Milan dedicated to Nelson Mandela and the erection of the Nelson Mandela statue outside the South African Consulate-General’s offices – both serve to this day as tourist attractions in Milan).

And the “Foreword to his 2020 book, “Sounds and Fury: The Chronicles of Healing“, was written by H.E. Mr Kgalema Motlanthe, the former President of the Republic of South Africa. Although the title suggests the book focuses on the year he spent in hospital, it only uses this as a context to reflect on major events in his life.

in 2014 he conceived and hosted the inaugural “South Africa Week/Settimana del Sudafrica” in which trade and investment opportunities from South Africa were promoted to the business community in Milan – and these included products from the country being promoted in restaurants and retail shops. The South Africa-Italy Business Awards were inaugurated and the best Italian investors in South Africa were given recognition at a business gala dinner attended by over 200 captains of the industry. He unveiled, with Mayor Giuliano Pisapia of Milan, a mural dedicated to Nelson Mandela that celebrated South Africa’s twentieth anniversary of freedom for which he had solicited sponsorship from the City of Milan municipality and Italian companies that had invested in South Africa – the mural serves as the city’s tourist attraction even today.

As only three African countries (South Africa, Senegal and Burkina Faso) had fully fledged Consulates-General and Angola had a trade office in Milan, he often found himself having to answer questions regarding socio-economic developments in Africa from business leaders in economic seminars, workshops and conferences, he then decided to launch and host the “Africa Week/Settimana dell’Africa” to celebrate the Africa Month in Milan in 2015 in partnership with the Consulates-General, Honorary Consuls and a number of the Rome-based African ambassadors.

This event that attracted South Africa’s Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, the Minister of Tourism and entrepreneurs from across the continent to attend the unveiling of the Nelson Mandela statue (for which he secured full sponsorship from a South African business); the Burkina Faso Day; and a week-long seminar promoting trade and investment opportunities from Africa.

It was the success of these events that made it possible for him to convince Ambrosetti, a Milan-based think tank, to move their annual Italy-South Africa CEO Summit from Cape Town to Johannesburg to make it more accessible to southern African countries from 2016. The event has since evolved into an annual EU-SADC CEO Dialogue hosted in Johannesburg.

This last event inspired him to establish Brandhill Africa (Pty) Ltd a month before completing his diplomatic tenure in June 2016 as a platform to promote investment opportunities from Africa and to help open foreign market access opportunities for “Made in Africa” service and product brands. The company mobilises foreign direct investments for a number of infrastructure projects from South Africa, Mozambique, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Republic, Ghana and Tanzania.

Before his diplomatic posting to Italy, he previously played an oversight role in the development of the corporate identity of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) – which ultimately influenced the corporate identity of the South African government. While at the dti, he championed a multi-media campaign, aptly titled “Uzoyi ‘thola kanjani o hleli ‘khoneni“, which sought to inspire South Africans through using popular music to become entrepreneurial.

Inspired by the legacy of Mapungubwe, he also designed a multimedia campaign to reposition the Limpopo (one of the nine South African provinces) brand from “Africa’s garden of Eden” to “the heartland of southern Africa” in 2005 – the province still uses this brand positioning to this day. This brand mantra has today gained traction with the launch of the Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone which will re-establish Limpopo as southern African regional hub.

He has a full spectrum of experience from various backgrounds. In the private sector, he worked as Publishing Director for Heinemann Publishers and Co-Commercial Director for Heinemann Higher and Further Education. Spending much of his professional life in the public sector, he occupied executive positions in both state-owned enterprises and government departments. In the SOE sector, he served as Senior Manager: Corporate Communication for Telkom; General Manager: Marketing and Communications at Trade and Investment Limpopo; most recently as Group Executive: Trade, Investment and Regulatory Enablement at the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency). In government departments, he was Chief Director: Marketing Communications at the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition; General Manager: Provincial Communication Services at Office of the Premier in Limpopo; and later Chief Director: Public Diplomacy at the Department of International Relations and Cooperation). He joined the world of work through the civil society sector as Editor-in-Chief at Learn & Teach Publications and Director for the Independent Magazine Group – a group of anti-apartheid publishing companies.

He is also a former executive member of the Polokwane Chamber of Business. Recently, he was elected into the national Steering Committee of the National Writers Association of South Africa (an affiliate of the Pan African Writers Association).

A former student leader at the University of Limpopo and an underground operative of the then banned African National Congress (ANC), he spent thirteen months in detention under the draconian State of Emergency during the second half of the 1980s. The emergency regulations gave apartheid security agents unlimited powers to indefinitely detain without trial their opponents.

A committed cultural worker, in 2001 he was shortlisted for the coveted Sunday Times‘ Bessie Head Fellowship for his proposed project on the life and times of the “Wire Gang” – a notorious gang that terrorised Johannesburg townships of Alexandra and Soweto.

He is the Editor and Publisher of Jambo Africa Online (a weekly news portal established in September 2020) and Convenor of the annual Biashara Services and Products Africa (BiSPA) Conference and Exhibition. Both platforms promote “Made in Africa” service and product brands.

This year and last year he curated the Human Rights Book Faire on behalf of the Constitution Hill at this historic Johannesburg facility. This has attracted many authors, independent publishers and book retailers.

A social entrepreneur, he also serves as a Trustee to the Dr Molefi Sefularo Foundation NPC that advocates for the provision of quality healthcare to all.

He now also presents a jazz music show, “Sunset Serenade”, on 101.9 Chai FM giving prominence to African jazz. This comes after having served from December 2018 to December 2020 as a co-host of a monthly slot on Power 98,7 FM mainstreaming issues affecting persons with disabilities. He is regularly featured in various radio and television stations as a commentator on brand Africa (listen to the podcasts on this website under the “Media” button). 

Lebogang Nkadimeng

Deputy Chairperson (Non-Executive): Brandhill Africa Foundation NPC


Born in a small village of Manganeng in Limpopo, 9 November 1985, the Johannesburg-based Lebogang Nkadimeng has gone from humble beginnings to one of the youngest Mining Specialists in the country, respected philanthropist, a great public speaker and a distinguished MC.

Her life story is not one of riches or a fairy tale come true in modern-day South Africa. But Lebo (as she is generally known) has applied a lot of planning, hard work and determination to achieve all she has in her life. She started out as an intern to becoming the youngest Black Female Manager in the Mining Company – and currently, she’s the Governance Manager for Sustainability at AngloGold Ashanti South Africa Region. Her core competences include the social license for the operatation of the company through management of regulated Social and Labour Plans, Community Investment Initiatives, Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Engagement.

The group, particularly Brandhill Africa Foundation NPC, will indeed benefit from her vast experience in corporate communications, compiling sustainability reports of A+ level, gold market investor relations reports, internal communications articles. Strong working knowledge of corporate reporting frameworks/standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), International Council of Mining and Metals (ICMM), Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), King III and United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

Lebo attributes some of her success to being street smart, taking risks, not taking no for an answer and surrounding herself with the best brains in the business. All these qualities add to sheer commitment to achieving excellence through diligence and sheer chutzpah.

This young Woman in Mining star’s education journey began in Ekurhuleni, matriculating at Springs Girls High School in 2003. She holds a Degree in Bachelor of Social Science and an Honours Degree in Social Sciences specialising in Psychology – both obtained from the University of Pretoria. Not one to think that is enough, she is also University of Cape Town’s Business School Graduate in Management and underwent a Sustainability Practices programme from the University of Cambridge. As if it isn’t enough, she is currently a postgraduate student at Monash International University.

With all her academic achievements Lebo often remarks that her future was shaped by being born into a family that was involved in politics and still is currently. This gave her an opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life which influenced her decision to get involved in various community development initiatives.

Operating under the phrase #LeboSpeaks as a the CEO of LeboSpeaks Media, this young woman is known for her charismatic personality, fashion flair and zest for life which she has turned into a personal career to be an MC for all types of occasions, she is also involved in charity work and motivational speaking and it is for this reason she has a large social media following. She has been a speaker and MC at various business functions, women’s day events, school events motivating young girls and raising awareness on various health topics, particularly asthma which she is passionate about as a chronic patient.

Tshepo Molobi

Group Chief Executive Officer: Brandhill Africa Entertainment Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Brandhill Africa Foundation NPC and Brandhill Africa (Pty) Ltd


She has a long history in the marketing and communications industry. She registered a company, Seventh Question Marketing and Communications, in 2006 based in Limpopo and the company launched two district newspapers – namely, the Waterberg News and the Capricorn News. These publications were supported by the Department of Local Government and Human Settlements as it bridged the lack digital and information divide between government and communities. The two newspapers were highly successful.

Then from there in 2009 she moved to Pretoria where she also branched into event management and media relations for the Sedibeng District Municipality. She was contracted as an agency to profile the Executive Mayor. She did this by arranging media interviews for him with various radio stations like Kaya FM, Lesedi FM and local community radio stations. The highlight of this campaign included the Executive Mayor being featured on the Justice Malala’s show on eTV and SABC’s “Morning Live Show”. She also opened and managed social media accounts for the Executive Mayor.

Her company also project managed the inaugural Sedibeng District’s Mayoral Awards in 2012. She featured the premier songstress, Zahara, on the programme, and the renowned broadcaster, Bob Mabena, directed the programme.

Even before starting her own company she worked as a promotions agent for a number of companies promoting products in-stores and outdoor media campaigns.

In 2012 her husband was appointed a Consul-General of South Africa to Milan and they had to accompany him to Italy as a family. That meant she was no longer allowed to do business since she was receiving an allowance from government as an accompanying spouse. She’s back after spending four and a half years. Besides pursuing her academic studies through UNISA, she also performed her mandatory work as an accompanying spouse.

While in Italy she performed a number of duties in support of the South African Consulate-General that included hosting ministerial delegations and dignitaries. This gave her experience of protocol services and etiquette. It also honed her event management competencies. She has also attended official meetings/ceremonies where her husband was invited. During her spare time, she also supported civil society organisations including NGOs that cared for underprivileged communities in Africa.

By the way in order to sharpen her skills she has completed a number of marketing programmes through UNISA – and these included a Programme in International Marketing, Programme in Marketing Management and Advanced Programme in Marketing Management. Marketing is key because she believes all good communications and public relations are based on good marketing principles – she indeed adds value to any project she undertakes. With her international experience garnered in Italy (and also her extensive travelling to other countries), her clients are bound to benefit from her expertise.

Back in South Africa on 30 June 2016, with the experience of celebrating culture, arts and heritage garnered in Europe and north America, she broadened the strategic reach of 7th Question Marketing and Communications to undertake educational tours and excursions for high schools to national museums and tourism facilities. Brandhill Africa provides her with the opportunity to establish and deepen inter-cultural links between Africa and the other continents.

Dr Nomalanga Sibeko

Group Deputy Chairperson – the Brandhill Africa™ group 


Dr Nomalanga Precious Sibeko was in the earlier cohorts of South Africa’s youth to be shipped to Cuba, led by the legendary Fidel Castro, for training as medical doctors as part of the socialist republic’s commitment to the reconstruction and development of the newly-liberated South Africa. She completed the MBCHB degree at the Villa Clara University in 2005.

The sophistry medical science of Cuba is recently celebrated by the entire world as the country’s medical corps are deployed in the so-called first world countries as the frontline regiment in containing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Cuban solidarity, that began during the anti-apartheid and anti-colonial struggles, continues today as the country continues to deploy their doctors in the rural and under-resourced provinces of South Africa.

Before Joining Steve Biko Academic Hospital, she worked at Themba Hospital in Mpumalanga Province from 2005 to 2006. Here she served in various departments – namely, Emergency Medicine; Internal Medicine; Surgery and Orthopaedics; Paediatrics and Neonatology; and, Gynaecology and Obstetrics. 

She then moved to the Tshwane District Hospital in Pretoria from 2008 to 2009 where she served in five departments – namely, Emergency Medicine; Internal Medicine; Pediatrics and Neonatology; and, Immunology Clinic: HIV and TB.

From 2009 ton2011 she joined the Foundation for Professional Development serving in the Department of Infectious Diseases.

With the principle of life-long learning engraved on her DNA, she registered with the University of Pretoria where she pursued a course specialising in Internal Medicine attached to the Steve Biko Academic Hospital from 2011 to 2017. She did rotation work in General Internal Medicine; Cardiology Ward; Cardiology Critical Care Unit; Nephrology and Nephrology Intensive Unit Care; Pulmonology and Criticsl Care; Endocrinology; Hermatology; Rheumatology; and Neurology. She has already passed FCP (SA) for Physicians Part I and she’s awaiting results for FCP (SA) for Physicians Part II.

While at Steve Biko Academic Hospital she attended to all infectious patients admitted in the institution for management and Infectious Clinic was established to follow up complicated cases, which mostly were treated based on their unique presentations.  Her research work was then based in this department.

After a maternity break, she then moved to the Northern Cape where she was recruited by Vedanta Black Mountain Hospital – working at the clinic and after hours at the hospital. Her duties include attending medical cases at the mine including Injuries on duty, chronic and Emergency cases; and, screening and testing for COVID-19 infections. Since the hospital is privately owned by the mine, all Mine Personnel including their families are covered by Medical Aid.

In a nutshell, her illustrious experience is in treatment of Infectious Diseases; Teaching and mentoring Medical Students from 4th to 6th year of Medicine; Critical Care Management; Emergency; Management; Communication; and as it’s happening in our public hospitals, experience of working under pressure and long hours up to 16 hours per day.

Humble about blowing her own horn, she reluctantly lists the highlights of her medical career as establishing the Department of Infectious Diseases at the tertiary level after seeing the need at the institution (by convincing the Department of Health); having learnt and managed lots of diseases in her years of experience; her ability to apply the knowledge acquired in Cuba to the South African  conditions after being exposed to two different systems of health – namely, preventative (Cuban) and curative (SA’s).

Conscientious to the core and people-driven, after arriving in the Northern Cape, purported to be the second most poorest province in the country, she established the Khà Ma Youth Programme which includes Wellness, Academic and Sports programme of the five municipalities of Namakwaland region.

Her love to help the most vulnerable and downtrodden sections of our communities, and her insatiable desire to find answers to medical problems bedeviling humanity, inspired her to accept her offer to head Brandhill Africa Foundation NPC’s medical research project, “GBS Africa”, into the Guilian Bare Syndrome (GBS), not only in South Africa, but across the continent.

In his “Dedication” page in his recently published book, “Sound and Fury: The Chronicles of Healing”, the author, Saul Molobi, sends first dedications to Dr Sibeko “through whom God gave him a second lease of life” as she did her utmost to give the best medical attention of the patient whose entire body was paralysed by the GBS. 

“For me,” he mused in one of his monthly Power FM slots, “she reminded me that South Africa’s public health system was the envy of the world when it performed the first heart transplant in the history of humankind. I knew with doctors of her calibre, this was possible. Sadly, the Public Health Service decided to let her go, but we’re blessed at the Foundation that her expertise will continue to benefit the most vulnerable sections of our communities. It’s befitting to call her a ‘people’s doctor’!”

Themba Mabena
Group Chief Financial Officer: Brandhill Africa


He is a Certified Business Accountant and Independent Reviewer/Auditor and the founding Managing Director: Mbhuduma Business Solutions Accountants. He has a National Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting and Bachelor of Accounting Science both from the University of South Africa (UNISA); Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Strategic Cost Activities from the University of Cape Town (UCT); and currently an MBA in Finance and Sustainability candidate at the University of Cumbria, Switzerland. He is a Registered Business Accountant Practitioner with the  Chartered Institute for Business Accountants (formerly SAIBA). He has over 20 years in Finance/Business law/Economics/Auditing and Business Strategies having served at executive management level business enterprises at various and also as an Assistant Director in various  South African government departments. His skills and competencies could be tabulated as follows:

  1. Expect knowledge and understanding on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Accounting Legal Framework.
  2. Competent in arithmetic’s and numeracy converting financial data into statements and provide narrations of every numerate evaluations.
  3. Have good computer skills in various transversal systems, the QuickBooks, the SAGE One Pastel, he BAS system, including Microsoft packages used for presentations and information organization.
  4. Strong leadership skills as he has acted in senior positions in government including acting as a CEO of a physical rehabilitation hospital for over a year.
  5. Ability to formulate and implement key business strategic objectives; development of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other internal policies, risk and financial management techniques or controls for effective corporate governance.
  6. Sound knowledge of King Report III, the Treasury Regulation, PFMA, DORA, Asset and Supply Chain.
  7. Skilled in financial operating systems such as SAP R3 and SAP SRM, Pastel Partner 14.1 version, BAS, and FMS together with Accounting Standards such as GAAP, GRAP.
  8. Ability to do basic audit planning and tests of controls and computing Audit opinion
  9. Good project management skills including an ability to work in a project teams or commissions.
  10. Strong interpersonal skills and superior mastery of team dynamics.

The Brandhill Africa™ group is privileged to have a professional of his calibre joining us as a Group CFO since in recent years, investment facilitation has become a hot topic in the world of finance. With the rapid advancement of technology and the globalisation of the economy, new investment opportunities are emerging at an unprecedented rate. As a result, companies are constantly seeking new ways to facilitate investment and stay ahead of the curve.

As a GCFO, the role in investment facilitation is critical. He will play a key role in identifying investment opportunities, evaluating risks and potential returns, and making strategic decisions that can impact the company’s and our clients’ financial future.

One of the new trends in investment facilitation is the use of technology. Companies are increasingly using digital platforms to streamline the investment process, from initial due diligence to ongoing portfolio management. These platforms offer real-time data analytics, customisable dashboards, and automated reporting, allowing CFOs to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

Another trend is the growing importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations in investment decisions. Investors are increasingly looking to invest in companies that prioritise sustainability and corporate responsibility, and CFOs play a crucial role in ensuring that these considerations are integrated into the investment process.

Furthermore, there is a rise in alternative investments such as private equity, venture capital, and real estate which the clients of Brandhill Africa™ are targeting to attract. These investments often require specialised knowledge and expertise, and CFOs need to have a deep understanding of the risks and rewards of these investments to make informed decisions.

Finally, there is a growing trend towards collaboration between companies, investors and other stakeholders in the investment process. CFOs are increasingly working with external partners, including investment banks, advisory firms, and other financial institutions, to identify new investment opportunities and manage risk.

Investment facilitation is a rapidly evolving field that presents both opportunities and challenges for CFOs and we as Brandhill Africa™ are confident that Themba will prevail over all the challenges that the emerging trends will pose. He truly understands that to stay ahead of the curve, CFOs need to be adaptable, tech-savvy, and have a deep understanding of the investment landscape. By embracing new trends and leveraging technology and partnerships, he will play a critical role in driving growth and success for our group of  companies and our clients.

Another important trend in investment facilitation is the rise of impact investing. This approach involves investing in companies and projects that have a positive impact on society or the environment, while still generating financial returns. Impact investing has become increasingly popular among investors who are looking to align their investments with their values and beliefs, and CFOs are playing a key role in identifying and evaluating these types of opportunities.

Moreover, the ongoing pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital solutions and remote work, and this has had a profound impact on investment facilitation. With many employees working from home, virtual meetings, webinars, and online conferences have become the norm, and CFOs have had to adapt to this new way of doing business. They must ensure that the investment process remains efficient and effective, despite the challenges posed by remote work.

In contemporary times, geopolitical tensions and regulatory changes have created a more uncertain investment environment in some parts of the world. Themba is aware aware of these risks and is more than ready to develop strategies to mitigate them. He will be supported by other executives in the company who have extensive experience in international relations and diplomacy.

In conclusion, investment facilitation is a complex and rapidly evolving field that requires CFOs to be flexible, adaptable, and knowledgeable about the latest trends and technologies. Themba is a full embodiment of these competencies. By staying up-to-date with the latest developments, collaborating with external partners, and leveraging digital solutions, he will indeed help us and our clients to navigate the investment landscape and achieve our operational and financial goals.

Ofentse Nthite

Executive: Project Administration and Management – Brandhill Africa Institute (Pty) Ltd and Director of Brandhill Africa Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd 


An ambitious  hail and a go-getter, she graduated from the University of the North West in BA Political Science and International Relations in 2015. One and a half year later she received a bursary to study a 6-month course in “Thought Leadership for Africa’s Renewal” with the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute (TMALI), based at the University of South Africa (UNISA). She’s very passionate about development of servant leadership issues in Africa and TMALI enriched the passion with the requisite knowledge and skills.

In 2019, she spent the whole year in South Korea as an English language teacher and this gave her practical experience to the science of international relations that she studied at the university.

Amidst her academic journey, she got bitten by the entrepreneurship bug which led to the birth of Ofentse Creations – her pride and joy. She uses this as a platform to expose her artistic creativity through her post-modernist African authentic designs rapped in African Print. She’s also a poet.

Believing in the principle of life-long learning, she continues to attend workshops and seminars to become a thought leader on international relations who will motivate various stakeholders on pan-Africanist epistemologies which should put Africa at the core of everyday’s conversations: about the importance of being an African who embraces all that has to do with Africa, her dark past, her presence and her bright future. This she believes she will achieve since she’s a young businesswoman, teacher and an aspiring academic whose perspectives are grounded on the African Renaissance.

Kentridge Mathabathe

Executive – New Business Development: Brandhill Africa Media Holdings (Pty) Ltd


He’s an award winning Photojournalist having spent three decades in the media industry both as a journalist and Photographer.

He’s currently preparing a photo exhibition about “Mamelodi Massacre” to coincide with the township’s annual commemoration of the mass killing of residents by apartheid cops during a rent protest that occurred in 1985. These memorable pictures he took while still a freelance photojournalist then.

In 2009 he joined Gauteng’s Department of Roads and Transport as spokesperson for both political and administration offices at Director Level communicating most World Cup 2010 matters in liaison with the Premier’s Office.

At the end of the greatest soccer spectacular in South Africa, he was appointed Acting Chief Director: Communication and Liaison managing both internal and external communications for the Department.

He was also tasked to run stakeholder Management and Media and messaging both important components of the Department.

Months afterwards he was given a chance to manage and oversee Stakeholder Management as Director before the MEC appointed him to the Gauteng Provincial Regulatory Entity, otherwise known as GPRE, an entity that regulates public transport in Gauteng and it is mandated to issue Operating Licenses to Public Transport in the Province.

He stayed for five years from 2013 until 2018 managing the Tshwane offices and representing the entity at various stakeholder engagements including the taxi industry, chairing most section 59 of National Transport Act in Tshwane and at times Joburg head offices. As part their mandate, members would also attend Appeals Tribunals, Municipalities meetings related to transport matters and would also meet with National Public Transport and Regulator (NPTR) for any amendments or update.

At the end of 2016 he was moved to gFleet, a trading entity falling under Gauteng Roads and Transport as Director VIP and Pool overseeing the overall function of the unit and had almost 50 colleagues reporting to my office.

He was liaising with all client government departments to harness the business relationship at hand with VIP and pool cars in return having them servicing their contract with monetary value.

Also wrote foreword for Annual Report.

His early years in the field as a photojournalist were spent at both The Open School and Afrapix (a collective of anti-apartheid photographers) where he learned the basics of journalism and photography including black and white darkroom work.

He has worked for Pretoria News for almost ten years and before that The New Nation newspaper under the late Zwelakhe Sisulu for six years before it folded due to the unbanning of political organizations and liberalisation of South African politics.

He had a short stint of three years at the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) as part of the product development team engaged and documenting izmbizo and other stakeholder engagements for President Thabo Mbeki.

On the 32nd anniversary of the release of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, The Star requested an article from him that looked back with nostalgic as events unfolded then. Since he had covered the event for the New Nation which he had worked under during that period. His story was subsequently used very well by most of the publications that falls under their Independent Media group.

In the same breath being the first newsman to land at Boipatong on that fateful day when marauding Inkatha backed by the apartheid security police attacked residents, The Star newspaper once more asked that he wrote a piece that looked and chronicled the story from an eyewitness point of view. He did that and it was shared by most of their publications.

What is important here is that his byline included the fact that he was at the time employed at Gauteng Roads and Transport which also gave his employer a free mileage.

He a veteran of community uprisings. He was a member of the Moutse Youth Congress and was amongst the many activists who organised and mobilised youths and community at large against Moutse’s incorporation into the then Kwa-Ndebele bantustan.

He also belonged to ANC MK Nchabeleng Underground Unit and worked under Isaac Kokane Ditshego.

At the New Nation newspaper where he worked for almost five years under the late founding Editor Zwelakhe Sisulu, he was elected by the branch as the chairman of the Association of Democratic Journalists (ADJ) and subsequently qualifying as an executive member of the national body that was affiliated to the Mass Democratic Movement (MDM).

He was also member of the Mamelodi Youth Congress and participated in the organization’s various events that rejected and denounced the apartheid government’s legitimacy. He was also a liaison person for the Pretoria Cultural Forum, an ad hoc structure formed by activists organising music festival honouring the release of our leadership from Robben Island.

Kentridge possesses a BA Degree, majoring in Political Science and Communication from the University of South Africa (UNISA), National Diploma in Journalism from Birnam Business College and a National Certificate in Journalism from the University of Pretoria.

He won the “National Photo-Journalist of the Year Award” in 2001 under the auspices of National Press Club of Pretoria while employed by Pretoria News.

Mpho Molobi

Group Public Relations Manager: Brandhill Africa™


Equipped with a National Diploma in Public Relations from the University of South Africa (UNISA), he was one of the township destination marketing pioneers in the early 1990s who launched Soweto into a go-to tourism mecca of Johannesburg when he sold anti-apartheid music and film videos outside the Hector Pietersen Memorial Centre to tourists who came to the Centre and the Mandela and Tutu households long before the world famous Vilakazi Street became what it is today. At the time, he was working for Maitisong Concepts – a company that specialised in multidisciplinary cultural products.

The world of marketing, communications and PR lost him when he went to join the finance department of Airports Company South Africa (ACSA).

Now we say PR’s prodigal son has returned to his first love when he joined the Brandhill Africa™ as Group Public Relations Manager responsible for building the brand as a conscientious corporate citizen among all its publics.

Makatisha Motsepe (Mphulwane) 

Associate Editor: Business – Brandhill Africa Media Holdings (Pty) Ltd 


Makatisha Reeva Motsepe (Mphulwane) has acquired a BA in Communications degree from University of Limpopo; Brand Building Postgraduate Qualification from IIE Vega School; Diploma in Culinary Arts which makes her a qualified Chef; and currently she’s an MBA candidate at Henley Business School. 

She has worked in government and private sector in the Strategic Communications, Marketing & PR field respectively. Makatisha is a former student leader from University of Limpopo where she championed the portfolio of Publicity, Communications, Projects and Entertainment. Her love for the Communication and Marketing sector, landed her a job immediately after graduating at University of Limpopo where she was part of the Marketing & Communications team that promoted and brand positioned the academic institution nationally and internationally. Also à renowned journalist who wrote articles for the University’s official publication. She was part of the team that rebranded and implemented new innovative technologies to redesign the University’s website during 2014.

Makatisha then progressed to work at a state agency of Gauteng Department of Economic Development called Gauteng Enterprise Propeller. She assumed her role as a Project Manager championing special projects from the Office of the MEC, where she constantly had to engage and mobilise with different communities where service delivery was imminent. It is then where she developed passion to serve people on the ground and understood the importance of conducting market research in order to know how to implement solutions where needed.

She’s currently an Associate Editor: Business at Jambo Africa Online which is published by Brandhill Africa Media Holdings (Pty) Ltd and a Brand Strategist at Brandhill Africa (Pty) Ltd. She has previously freelanced as a Travel Editor for Jambo Africa Online before her appointment as an Associate Editor: Business.


Sibabalwa Simba Mdena

Manager – Multimedia Productions: Brandhill Africa™


Simba studied at the University of the Witwaterstrand Johannesburg from2003 to 2004 pursuing an Advanced Certificate in Broadcasting and Television. The course modules included Single camera operation and sound recording; Multi-camera studio work; Video editing techniques; Audio visual storytelling; and Camera reportage techniques. 

In 2005 he upped his ante by acquiring the mainstay of digital media, a Certificate in 3D Animation whose modules included Digital Animation; Professional Practice in Digital Arts: Animation PLUS; Critical Debates in Digital Arts PLUS; Use of Softimage XSI; Adobe Photoshop; Production Management; and attended various animation seminars, life-drawing classes and workshops.

Armed with these colourful qualification, he invaded the cut-throat industry by first joining the production team of “Backstage”, a local youth soapie that was flighted on e-TV, as a lighting intern with duties that included checking and swinging the lights for the different sets.

After completing his one-year internship at e-TV, he joined the Movie Camera Company (MCC), to expand his expertise in maintaining 

Cameras and Equipment hired out to film and television production companies; he received further internship at The Refinery, a top post-production company in S.A, learning about the patch bay – patching different materials to the editors.

Armed with experience he had garnered from three-year internships, he returned to his alma mater, Wits University, when he was employed as a Junior 3D Animator with duties that included Rigging, Animating, and Texturing. He left the institution at the end of the final honors class.

He then joined Bafowethu Productions as a 3D Ainmator, Cameraman and Editor applying the all-round technical expertise he had amassed multitasking by Animating local 3D kids series called ZAKA for SABC 2 which aired on Saturdays; serving as Cameraman for live daily kids show called W.O.W (World of Winners) which was flighted from Monday to Thursdays on SABC 2; and also being an Offline editor for W.O.W and Zaka.

He then moved on in 2007 to join Virtual Scape as a 3D artist specializing in 3D Architectural Design and Visualizations, engineering and graphic design.

The highlight of his career was at the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) in 2008 as a Video Editor and Cameraman profiling the Minister, Deputy Ministers of DIRCO and some occasions the President of South Africa as they carried out their duties locally and abroad driving the Foreign Policy of South Africa – including incoming and outgoing state visits. 

This where he worked with Saul Molobi who was then a Chief Director: Public Diplomacy at DIRCO. The outcome included DIRCO documentaries; the DIRCO in-house training videos for Diplomatic Training; Inserts (some of which we distributed through news channels of broadcasters such as the SABC and eTV); footage for short documentaries; and the DIRCO YouTube.

Escaping the creative constraints of the public service, the versatile multimedia expert left DIRCO in 2016 to go independent. Brandhill Africa™ is privileged to attract such talent in its ranks.


Selemogo Maleho

Group Creative Director: Brandhill Africa™


This founder of the Selemogo Graphics & Design Studio which is a nationally-renowned, 100% black-owned graphic design studio, has vast experience in the branding field. He, in collaboration with Saul Molobi and Andile Msindwana, reconfigured and re-engineered the brand of Limpopo into “the heartland of southern Africa” from “Africa’s garden of Eden”. 

Furthermore, he and Saul collaborated with Ziyaphenduka Marketing and Events, in engineering the Greater Tubatse Municipality (the GTM) into “the first democratic platinum city”; and he has also designed post-1994 registration plates for Gauteng (GP), Limpopo (N), North West (NW), Mpumalanga (MP), Eastern Cape (EC), Free State (FS) and the Northern Cape (NC).

Selemogo has also provided publishing services to the private sector companies (Heinemann Publishers; Tianshi), organized labour (COSATU and some of its affiliates) and civil society organizations (the then SASPU National and Learn & Teach Publications). He has illustrated the first isiZulu epic, “Madiba!”, written by the foremost poet Sabelo Zulu, celebrating the life and times of Nelson Mandela. 

Some of his notable book illustrations include a controversial article on the origin of HIV/Aids by one of the most talented ANC researchers, “Comrade Mzala“.

He founded the Gauteng-based community newspaper, e- Gauteng Express, that carried the dti’s MyBusiness monthly newspaper as an insert.

After relocating to Limpopo, he provided graphic design services to almost all the community newspapers and magazines based in Polokwane, including Tshepo Molobi’s The Capricorn News, The Waterberg News; and such other publications as The Northern Zone News and The Sedibeng.

A visual artist, who has creativity having been engraved in his genetic makeup by the gods and God, has gained fame at an early age when he won a national art competition hosted by the Sowetan newspaper – and the whole country woke up to an edition carrying a reproduction of a soulful piece of art and a photo of young winner struggling to carry his prize, bicycle, to his shoulders as the photographer directed.

His inspiration came from such artistic greats as Thamsanqa “Thami” Mnyele (an exiled ANC guerilla artist gunned down by the apartheid regime in Botswana in 1983).

Elias Mashilo

Manager – Waterberg District, Limpopo: Brandhill Africa Foundation NPC


Brandhill Africa Foundation NPC is privileged to be joined by Overseer Elias Mashilo, a Regional Overseer at the Bethesda Assemblies Church of God, who has volunteered to serve as our Manager: Waterberg District. Drawing on his current strength as a religious leader providing pastoral services to our communities, he will provide counselling services to persons with disabilities; families of persons with disabilities; and most importantly, protect persons with disabilities from suffering potential emotional harm from unscrupulous maverick religious leaders who will give false hope to people with disabilities. 

His message is simple: “To be disabled isn’t a curse from God; similarly, bearing a child with disabilities isn’t a punishment from God. And indeed, having a disability doesn’t mean you’re a child of a lesser God!” So our pastor will ensure persons with disabilities are affirmed and fully integrated into our communities.

This father of three boys, Moja, Titus and Abel, who is married to Esther, have a personal experience of being disabled as a stroke survivor. Here’s his story in his own words:

“My imbalance started in 1988 after I suddenly collapsed and fainted. On regaining my consciousness, I was unable to speak coherently – this carried on for two and a half month. Although I recovered, I suffered another bout of stroke in 2014 which paralysed the entire left part of my body.  Although I sought medical attention, it was difficult to become my previous self.

“I have been a member of the Christian community from my early childhood.  I moved up the ranks being entrusted with various leadership roles within my church as a local preacher, evangelist, Pastor, Senior Pastor and now as an Overseer. I am presently occupying two roles – namely, as a Regional Overseer and the Public Relations Officer & Chief Communications Officer of the Bethesda Assemblies Church of God.  

“Apart from Matric, I am holding a number of qualifications in Human Resources Management and Labour Relations from the Institute of Qualified Bookkeepers (ICB) and an ICT Technical Support Diploma specializing with A+; N+ and Security Support.

“My ICT expertise afforded me to join, as a manager, Connect Africa Services from 2005 until 2010 – the company’s mandate was to bridge the digital divide between urban and rural communities. This role won me favour from the Universal Service and Access Agency. I also served as an Executive Officer for the Motse/Lapalala Partnership years thereafter.

“Through God’s abundant mercies, I have served as an Executive Committee Member of the South African Council of Churches for the Limpopo Province.

“My passion to serve my communities has also inspired me to participate in different sporting codes as a strategy to divert the youth from the streets so that they could stay away from wayward behaviour. I became a referee and coach for unisex football teams to propagate the message of gender parity.

“I strongly believe in community upliftment and development as a one-time trade unionist and that’s why I mobilised our Waterberg District communities to ready themselves to benefit through the Medupi Partnership Agreement when construction of the power plant began.”

At the Brandhill Africa Foundation NPC, words aren’t enough to express how grateful we are to receiving such immense selfless support from so many distinguished people willing to serve our communities. God bless you all abundantly.

Masechaba Botle Mabula

Group Administrative Consultant: Brandhill Africa Foundation NPC


Masechaba Botle Mabula is a living proof that though work experience is a necessary competence to acquire, it is not absolutely the-be-all-and-the-end-all of ensuring a potential employee’s capacity for competence and desire to deliver. Coming fresh out of university she has brought a breathe of fresh ideas and approaches into how the human capital development and management functions of the Brandhill Africa™ group of companies could be undertaken. Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) and now pursuing a Master of Commerce in Human Resources at the University of Limpopo, the 23-year old has brought her youthful chutzpah and diligence in critiquing our human resource processes, procedures and overall systems in how we could further refine our strategies and professionalise our operations. Complemented by our practical experience, we are confident that with her innovative support we will be able to turn things around.

Our confidence in her has been strengthened by our realisation that she has solidified the youthful experiences she garnered from her extra-curricular activities at the university campus – including cultural/religious and sporting activities – into a formidable basis on which her academic excellence and nascent work experience could be solidified into a professional experience.

Our desire to give her this opportunity is also partly as our positive response to President Ramaphosa’s call for the youth of country to be affirmed by the corporate sector by giving them the opportunity to enter the world of work – through the Youth Employment Service he has made pronouncements on.

Our confidence remains resolute that our progressive and dynamic work experience will indeed mould her into a model professional who will contribute greatly to the economic successes of our country. We have committed to supporting her even next year when she will be pursuing her post-graduate studies in Human Resources.

Carol KhozaGroup Chief Operations Officer: Brandhill Africa™


She’s a 26-year old young lady from Secunda in Mpumalanga. She’s a proud paraplegic. She’s now a proud mom to a most adorable baby boy, Amukelo Leano. 

She’s been disabled for over4 years after being involved in a car accident on 24 September 2016. Her spinal chord was completely broken. She was in the car with her boyfriend – who later dumped her after her life changed within a blink of an eye. “I guess he lost interest in our relationship since I was no longer able-bodied,” she said. “He was ashamed to be seen with me wheelchair-bound, and didn’t see going into the future with a person with a disability.” 

“But I have since learnt to forgive him since I know our world is inhabited by all sorts of people: there are people who will support you through difficult times while there are others who will desert you. 

“But the most important thing, I’ve learned from my experience is to never ever allow those that have given up on you to lead you into despair. 

“Things became difficult for me after I became disabled. I lost my job, career, my mobility and lost someone I thought was the love of my life. But I swore then that I could never lose myself as I was able to pick myself up. It didn’t matter how many times or how hard I had fallen, I was determined to pick up the pieces and move on, appreciate every single breath that i take, appreciate the second chance of life God had given me, appreciate the love, care and support I get from family and friends.

I managed to do some self-introspection, feed my mind with positive and constructive things that would build not break my character. 

I had to make peace with the situation I was in, the situation which was beyond my power to reverse. I decided not to dwell on the things that I couldn’t change but to change the most powerful tool at my disposal: my mindset.”

She has a Bachelor of Commerce Accounting degree.

“Although I was excited about my pregnancy, I had health challenges a bit. I often suffered overreactive bladder and the urinary tract infections. 

“But now I thank you God for giving me hope for a better tomorrow by blessing me with an Angel: my purpose to live for. I am willing to get off the ground and dust myself off and do what’s best for my child.

“I am planning to register an NPO for which I’ve chosen the name, Golden Scars Foundation. It will be a platform to engage and help people with disabilities as well as the community as a whole see life from a different positive perspective, be doing motivational talks to educate the young and old know to understand issues affecting people with disabilities and their families better than their current misperceptions; help provide learners and students (abled and disabled) from impoverished families with school uniform, food hampers; conduct personal skills development; identify job opportunities, and conducting work readiness programmes. I will also develop support peer group to give the members the members an opportunity to be independent again – this service will include by offering them the opportunity to get driver’s licenses.

“Besides my downfalls and discouragement, I still don’t want people to only see the wheelchair but to see the person I am cause my disability doesn’t define me. I recently developed an interest in beauty peagants and modelling. I’m glad to say I was one of the Top finalist of TopModelSoutAfrica in the category Model of diversity, as well as a contestant in Mr and Miss Divine. I started this journey to break the stereotype that people with disabilities are not capable of doing anything on their own. 

“I want to be a role model to our generation and inspire the next generation to know and appreciate their worth, know they are loved and appreciated, motivate and inspire them to get out of their comfort zones as happiness begins right after exiting the comfort zone; build and boost their self-confidence and self-esteem so that they could adopt a positive attitude and embrace rich mindset; chase their dreams and never ever let their disability stand on their way to success and reaching their goals; encourage our people to make themselves a priority all the time and never be discouraged by what people will say about them because after all you won’t be loved by everyone like money!”

Mangi Motloli: Group Executive – Human Capital, Brandhill Africa™


She was born in the small town called Mount Fletcher in Eastern Cape. Grew up there till the age of ten.

“When I was about 10 years I fell sick, my feet were getting swollen. My parents then took me to a surgeon who transferred me to the Umtata general hospital where I was admitted but my parents were not allowed to come with to the hospital.

“I was there for a while and while I was admitted I was operated three times and my parents never signed for any of those operations and no one did.”

The first operation was on my spine.

The second operation was on my ribs going through my breast.

And the third one was done just below the second one. “To this date I’m not sure why the three operations were done especially were they were done because I never had problems with my back or ribs and breast as only my feet were painful and swollen.

“After the three operations I could not walk again and I was discharged from the hospital. I attended physiotherapy at the general hospital in Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape and could manage to walk assisted by crutches. I have always had back pains and my mother would take me to the government hospital where they would give me painkillers and no tests were ever done. I have been living with these pains since then.

“My parents tried to find out why the operations were done but unfortunately they never got an answer from the doctor and after that they never followed it up but focusing on me to get better.

“The pains got worse as of 2016 and in 2018 December I went to Midrand medical centre and the general practitioner referred me to the Neurologist as the pain was persistently excruciating. My Neurologist then admitted me to do further tests and discovered that the back operation has the abnormal nerve as the result of the operation did years ago, thus causing the pain on my right leg.

“The Neurologist advised the only way was to operate to make the pain lighter but it was too risky as he was supposed to get the nerve cut/operated on on the same operation – the risk he was not prepared to take. The news broke me apart as I never thought something which was done so my years back would still make me so sick and worsen my disability.

“I remember going home for the first time after being hospitalized for six months, my world was so dark and confused. I thought it would be the end of me, not knowing where and how I was going to survive with a disability. I had to find my inner strength for my survival.

“I attended primary school in Umtata and my high school in Cape Town’s Eros School where I matriculated. 

“Due to post-matric study and work commitments I relocated to Johannesburg. I always had passion for radio, particularly radio presenting, so I registered at the Boston Media College, but never completed because of financial problems. I had to find a job to support myself and family. So I ended up working for the insurance company as a Claims service consultant.

“I am grateful for my vulnerabilities/disability for in them I have found my strength and most impotently my voice. I cannot imagine any other life besides the one I have, I have become independent, fearless and discover my many abilities that I could not have discovered and appreciate life more.”

Amy Mabusela

Chief Executive Officer: Brandhill Africa Media Holdings (Pty) Ltd 

Coupled with Marketing and Business background, Amy Mabusela is a professional with over 10 years experience both in financial industry and other industries, whose attention has been focused on business management, business development and assisting the in-value chain of the organization, being responsible for multiple roles and initiatives; from identifying management issues, formulating the organisational value proposition and strategy, marketing to co-coordinating Monthly Management Reports to Shareholders. Through incorporating change management, analysing the organisation’s information flow, evaluating and re-engineering the business processes, determining the organisation’s competitive positioning, budget planning and coordinating financial and human resources, she has been influential to motivate change within the organization.

Being organised, committed, and creative and possessing good interpersonal skills, her passion lies in business management and organisational development, where her interests include: the state and prospects of the global economy; Scenarios and Strategy development; Employee Engagement and Organisational Culture; Legal issues especially in Commercial and Business Law as well as the sustainability of human Endeavour and the impact on business performance.

She garnered this vast experience while working as a Sales and Marketing Manager for Imvula Holdings (2011 – March 2012); Business Manager, Mercantile Bank (2007 – 2010); Business Development Manager, First National Bank (2005-2007); Client Relations, MTN (2003-2005); and Retail Banker/Account Executive, Nedbank (2000-2003). Entrepreneurial bug bit in 2013 when she established Nchai and KK Holdings.

Amy grew up in Lesotho. Although after qualifying for a Cambridge Certificate with flying colours (including notching distinctions) at the Pope John XXIII High School in Lesotho, she was forced to work as a domestic worker for a year because she neither had finances nor clinched a bursary, she never got depressed about seeing her former classmates going to universities. “I believe everything happens for a reason. One day in my conversation with my employer, she discovered my sterling performance at school. She told me the company she worked for was offering bursaries to deserving matriculants. That’s how I got a chance to go to the university the next year.”

The bursary helped her register for a Diploma in Computer Studies at the Horizon College in the United Kingdom. On completion, she then registered for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree at the Thames University still in the UK.

Believing in the principle of life-long learning, she continued bettering and honing her skills while working in South Africa. Ready to burn the proverbial midnight candle, she pursued a Management Advancement Programme (MAP) at the Wits Business School. And four years after this, she completed an MBA at the Henley Business School, University of Reading, in the United Kingdom. “This called for maximum discipline in juggling between doing household chores and raising my two children.

As the King Code on Corporate Governance made business headline news, she enhanced her currency by acquiring a Corporate Governance Certificate through the Institute of Directors South Africa, before pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Commercial and Business International Law (GDipLaw) which she clinched from the Wits School of Law at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Sim Mzaidume

Executive: Content Development & Activations – Brandhill Africa (Pty) Ltd 


He is a renowned Communications strategist with credible years working in the Marketing departments of blue-chip and JSE listed multinationals. He has devised award-winning campaigns whose impact has been in business and society.

Much of his working years have been in the private sector. He also has experience working with non-profit organisations such as the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) and the KwaZulu-Natal Christian Council.

He works with purpose, dedication and impact whose outcomes are both meaningful and measurable. He believes branding must first look at Stakeholder Management for its communication efforts to be understood.

Nestle, AdvTech Group and Discovery are companies where he has not only honed his Communications skills but also impacted on their reputation as their clients became cognisant of their sustainability efforts which brand positioned them as forces for social good.

As a Senior Specialist in Communications, he kick-started his career as an intern with the renowned and reputable Thebe Ikalafeng of the Brand Leadership Group. He holds a certificate in Paralegal Studies from UCT, a BA Degree in Media Studies and Political Science from the University of the Witwatersrand. Furthermore, he is a graduate of Vega School of Brand Leadership with an Honours Degree in Brand Communications.